Captain & Assistants announced

The 2013/14 Spartans will once again be led by captain Ollie Barron who will this season be supported by David Pyatt and Stevie Weeks as assistant captains.

Coach Martin White said “For me there was only one choice for captain and I had no hesitation in asking Ollie to wear the ‘C’ again for this season. Ollie leads by example and is a committed Spartan both on and off the ice. His attitude is excellent as is his on-ice play, and presence in the dressing room.

The decision as to who to ask to wear an ‘A’ was not taken lightly and has been based on both speaking to and watching the players interact both on and off ice.

David and Stevie both have a wealth of experience and are (mostly) level headed guys who will lead on the ice as well as in the dressing room. Both David and Stevie have been part of the Sheffield club in our early days playing out of Queens Road and display the values we want the Spartans to embody.

I’m looking forward to working closely with the C and A’s this season and hope there will not be too many instances where they’re having to speak with officials!

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